Sunday, July 29, 2012

Parisian Vintage!

The vintage clothing shops in Paris were amazing, both the regular and designer! Montemarte and the Marais were the best areas for cheap vintage clothing. It seemed Paris has a never ending supply of vintage! The best shops I went to were Vintage Desir, Free P Star and Hippy Market.

For designer vintage I thought the most impressive shops were at the Saint Ouen flea markets. When we got off the metro the markets we first saw sold cheap, fake designer goods, and I was worried the flea markets wouldn't be what we had thought. However we eventually did find the area of the flea markets we had read about. It was huge, apparently one of the largest in Europe. These markets were very different to those at home. It was vintage designer and antique heaven!

Here are some photos of the shops.



Saint Ouen Flea Markets

Hunter Rose

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